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Everyone at some point in their career hates their job.

For some people it's just temporary, but for others, it gets so bad that they quit.

If you decide to quit, everything suddenly changes. The stability of your old job is gone. Now you're on your own, and it's scary.

Give yourself permission to be burned out.


Listen to James and Claudia work through how to get through this.

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Do you know what the secret mistake that most first time entrepreneurs make?

If you’re an entrepreneur than its so to know it. If you don’t you could already be out of business and not even know it.


Listen to James and hear his secret.

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Most books are "business card" books.

A "business card" book is a book that helps the author establish credentials. It works as a business card.

But today, James wants to talk about "braingasm" books. Your brain has an orgasm while you're reading these books – they're that good.

James recently wrote a post about books like these, called "The 10 Most Important Books to Expand Your Mind," and today he's going to review a few of them.


Listen to James' list and hear why he thinks they deserve to be on it.

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James says, no.

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Just don't do it.

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, Claudia and James felt it was very important to record this podcast.

Claudia, being a victim of living through her mother's suicide when she was just a teenager, is passionate about preventing it.


Listen to this extremely important podcast.

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This question came in from the Choose Yourself Facebook group:

"I've been passed over for my next promotion. I feel like 'the poor employee' instead of "the 'rich employee.'"

James says being "The Rich Employee" is a mindset, and this person is already acting as a rich employee.

He has realized there's a problem and he's taking steps to fix it, but right now he's hurting.

He asks himself, "Why should I accomplish anything?"

Listen to James' answer in today's show.


David Newman


P.S. The Rich Employee is now also in paperback.

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Get ready – this one is going to be very controversial.

You went to college. You took out huge student loans to get your degree. You can barely make ends meet, and your monthly student loan bills are now due.

What can you do?

Ask for help.

Listen to today's show here


David Newman


P.S. The Rich Employee is now also in paperback.

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Should you "fire" a really terrible customer?

Well, that depends...

If that customer happens to be 99% of your business, you have a big problem. But today, James addresses what to do with those customers who won't break your business.

You could delegate that customer to another employee. Sometimes that works.

You could have a real, honest conversation with that customer, asking them their advice on how you could serve them better.

"Help me help you..."


P.S. The Rich Employee is now also in paperback.

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Do you want to be a professional speaker? Does having to get up on stage in front of a group of people scare the heck out of you?

Today James and Claudia invite Brian Rashid to join them to give us a couple of quick tips to help you if you want to become a public speaker.

Brian says you have to get really clear on one topic. Then create a clean one-page that lists bullets points on what you'll talk about, and add in testimonials as soon as you have them.

This is a long interview and Brian doesn't hold back. He's willing to answer every question they ask him.

James calls this interview "The bible of public speaking."


David Newman


P.S. The Rich Employee is now out in paperback

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Why did James self-publish his new book, The Rich Employee?

He wanted total control over the marketing.

The old way of the legacy book publishers is to get the author to march around the country doing book signings at the few book stores that still exist.

This just doesn't work anymore.

Instead, writers should do the "podcast tour". You'll get in front of millions of potential buyers without ever leaving your house.

Remember, you should always choose yourself.


David Newman


P.S. The Rich Employee is out in paperback as of today

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