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July 2020
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OK, so you have chosen yourself... now what?

This is not the time to feel guilty or sad that you may be ignoring other parts of your life, such as your full-time job.

Life is too short to harbor any regrets. You have every right to take time for yourself and go after what you want.

Today, James and Aaron talk about how to avoid guilt while choosing yourself. It will inspire you to take that next step when in doubt and go after what you want in life.

Start today… Choose yourself and don't look back.

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It's completely normal to feel insecure in certain situations, especially when it comes to relationships, where jealousy can sometimes surface.

Is there a simple way to avoid this awful feeling?

Today, James and Aaron share several things that you should communicate, avoid, and start doing immediately in any relationship.

Just remember, no one is in charge of your happiness but you.

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James gave a talk at a conference a couple months ago in Dallas. In his talk he said that, "everybody has a book inside of them. You just have to find what that book is and write it."

In order to become a writer, and make money doing it, you need to make writing a daily practice.

Even if you are a great writer or you have room to grow your skills, this is a great way to exercise your idea muscle as well as possibly start a career.

Once you have confidence in your writing, it's only natural to wonder if you could actually make money for a living by simply writing.

Today, James and Aaron share several ways that you can make a living as a writer.

Find out how you could be making millions by simply writing at a sixth-grade level...

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If you choose not to go to college... will you feel left behind as your friends go on to different universities?

How can you make the most of your time and feel great about avoiding the cost of college?

Today, James shows you just how easy that can be. You don't want to be standard or ordinary; you want to stand out in life. College will give you standardized tests, but won't challenge your ability to grow your skills completely on your own.

You might have more opportunities by not going to college... plus, you will be way ahead of your peers financially by avoiding the massive amount of debt.

The things you can do with financial stability and zero debt can be worth much more to you than a degree.

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You shouldn't invest with the expectation of generating wealth, but rather as a means to grow your wealth.

Today, James shares how and why he puts money aside for his children.

He believes in hard work and does not want to just give his fortune to his children, but he also doesn't want them to have to worry if they ever face any hardship.

You'll hear how you can balance helping your kids financially with making sure they are capable of standing on their own two feet.

Remember that the best way to invest for your children is to invest in yourself first.

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Welcome back to Ask Altucher!

Today's episode is not your typical daily question. Aaron is back from his week-long birthday celebration and shares what shenanigans he and his friends got into while in LA.

All the beautiful people, exclusive pool parties, and VIP treatment could not make up for the low quality of conversations... which is why Aaron says he is strictly an East Coast guy.

Find out why he has officially named where he was in LA "Level 1."

Plus, find out how to recognize if a person is good for you within the first five minutes of meeting them.

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Do you have a fear of public speaking or talking to strangers?

Are you using the label "introvert" as an excuse?

Today, James and his wife, Claudia, talk about several ways to overcome shyness around others.

In order to overcome your fears, you must practice talking to others... even when it makes you feel uncomfortable.

James reveals several techniques that he has come across, and had success with, that could be the answer to all your social anxieties.

You'll learn how to prepare for social gatherings and make interacting with others almost effortless.

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Whether you are feeling guilt, regret, sadness, or failure, just remember that these moments can be the times to plant the seeds of success.

We all have regrets in our lives and there will be plenty more in the future.

Today, James and his wife, Claudia, talk about the process of forgiving one's self, no matter what the situation.

The only thing you should be worrying about is "choosing yourself" and choosing to be happy.

Forget the past because there is only "moving forward." And remember, whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

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Maybe you are thinking about leaving a current job to pursue another career, go back to school, or you just need time to figure out what you really want to do in life.

One thing that might be holding you back from taking this step is health insurance. It's definitely one of the many perks to having a job that offers benefits.

Today, James talks about what you should do if you find yourself jobless and without health insurance or if you are scared to leave your job because you won't have insurance.

Paying out of pocket for health insurance can be very expensive, so James and his wife, Claudia, talk about several ways to go around the health care gatekeepers that you may not have thought of before.

Of course, in classic James style, you know that this process is going to start by choosing yourself.

Becoming healthy by eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising will reduce the amount of money that you will have to spend for health-related costs.

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With divorce rates so high, it's no wonder that people are reluctant to enter into another marriage after one has already failed.

But what if you do meet another person that you can see yourself with for the rest of your life? Is it too late? Will it be doomed like the first?

Today, James and Claudia give listeners their take on marriage. James has already been married, divorced and married again, so you can trust his words of wisdom.

What James advises is to not rush into thinking about marriage and to really learn how to develop your relationship.

Something that you may want to consider is to take this time to improve the relationship with yourself as a single person before you let someone else into your life.

Everybody shows their good side at first... This could be your second chance to really get to know someone and make it last.

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