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Nothing happens overnight...

But is there a quick way to become a successful writer?

Today you will find out from a self-publishing guru just how easy it is to get your writing material to the public and get paid to do it.

First thing you will need to do is build your audience.

Submit lots of different ideas for articles to publications that pay.

Write a book, then write a second, a third, and a fourth. Once you realize that the best way to market your book is to keep writing more, you will already be halfway there...

Amazon is a great alternative to the mainstream publishing "gate-keepers," and James maps out the best way for somebody to start taking action.

You are not trying to hit the New York Times best-sellers list. You are trying to create a steady stream of income from what might just be a 30-page book.

In today's Ask Altucher, you will learn how to build your writing material and start generating income today.

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James admits he has no qualifications to dish out advice to individuals...

Yet, people still ask James "What would you do?"... "What should I do?"

The reason for this is because James has been thrown out of school, failed 17 out of 20 businesses, made a lot of money, lost a lot of money, and made it back again.

He has been through a lot and knows ways around the "gate-keepers" of the industries.

That's the real secret to this show...

How to have a better life, make more money, have more fun, start a profitable business, make great investments, and accomplish your dreams by ignoring conventional wisdom and following proven alternative paths.

James has been there, done that, and is here to answer your questions and provide you with different solutions that you may have just overlooked.

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Have you been out of work for some time?

Are you a stay-at-home parent?

Or, maybe you are just setting out on your career journey and are unsure where to start...

In today's Ask Altucher, James breaks down several ways for an individual to make some extra income from the comfort of their home.

The key concept to pay attention to is "learn how to sell"...

If you can understand the importance of storytelling, you're already halfway there.

So get your idea muscle ready and dive right into it.

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With hundreds of ideas and thoughts, how do you go about organizing them so that they make sense and could possibly turn into something great?

Today, James goes through the types of lists that he creates every day and tells you how he is able to execute certain ideas.

James writes between one thousand and three thousand words a day, every day.

Maybe you won't write that much to start with... but if you take the time and keep building your idea muscle you will be amazed with what could be lurking in the shadows of your mind.

One task James asks you to do is... if you can't come up with one good idea then you need to come up with 20 bad ideas...

"Choose yourself"... Challenge yourself... Because you owe it to yourself!

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If you know anything about James Altucher, you know how strongly he feels about people exercising their idea muscle every day.

Well... today you get the inside look at James' ideas.

Some of his ideas might seem ridiculous but the whole point to this, which you will start to see, is that it's all about quantity not quality.

Inventions, book ideas, businesses, his lists go on and on... if you have a pen and paper and random thoughts... you are already halfway there.

Take the time to "choose yourself" and funnel these thoughts into written words and you might just find that "million-dollar" idea...

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Quick and easy money?

Or are there too many downsides to this lucrative, yet extremely risky, idea?

Are you considering the disadvantages to your health?

Are you willing to risk your relationships with your loved ones?

James says the only people that make money in Wall Street are the people who are doing illegal things, people that hold forever, and the people who hold for a trillionth of a second...

Everyone thinks that they are smart enough, quick enough and lucky enough to day-trade... but are you that one in a million who really can succeed?

Or are you reaching for a dream that is never going to come true and have failed to realize that the house always wins.

James goes through the good, the bad, and the ugly, and the real TRUTH of day-trading...

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The people that are closest to us are usually the ones that really know which buttons to push to trigger an emotion from us.

Do you have any conflicts or issues with certain family members or close friends?

If you do, then this is the show for you...

James explains how setting up boundaries and distance can save you from cutting off the ones that you love.

Plus, Aaron proposes to use James' 24-hour rule for a personal experiment with his relationship with his dad...

Could this be something that could help you "Choose Yourself" and salvage a close relationship?

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They are all around us... at work, on social networks, in our social circles, maybe even at home...

Do you avoid "them" and the negativity they provoke?

Or, do you deal with situations head-on?

Just remember that hate is contagious.

Today, James answers the question... "How do I deal with crappy people in my life?"

Find out what fuels people to act a certain way toward you.

If you "Choose Yourself" and choose the energy you put out into the world, can you alter the way others treat you?

It's a fantastic Ask Altucher that will have you thinking twice about who you allow to be a part of your life...

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It's the government vs. 22-year-olds...

Something is on the minds of many young adults... "Should I attend college?"

What are the advantages of going to college? Do they outweigh the massive amount of debt you risk burying yourself in with student loans?

Will that college degree guarantee a higher-paying salary after graduation?

People say, "Kids learn how to be socialized at college." James' response to that is "My kids don't need to get into $100,000 in debt in order to learn how to have friends."

It's a fantastic Ask Altucher that will have you thinking twice about that college degree...

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WWII marked the beginning of the American Dream.

Men went to war, women went to work, we had double-income families, and more money led to more spending...

James breaks down the process of "why the current economic crisis started with WWII."

It all stems from the American dream to own and the desire to have everything.

As we're running fast to the edge of the cliff, James helps you get prepared to survive.

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