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Make an outline, it will help. An outline will allow you to jump around and work on those areas that interest you at that moment.


If you go off on a tangent, well... tangents aren't really tangents. Allow your writing to go where it may. You'll fit it in later...


Or you won't.


Let it go, don't outline in a very strict way. Let your thoughts wander and fit them back into the book later.


It doesn't matter whether you want to write an e-book, paperback, or an audio book; James recommends you do all three. You'll look much more professional.

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Anxiety about dealing with future problems has two problems. It doesn't solve tomorrow's problems and it does drain your energy of right now.


Thinking about the future is important, but you can choose whether to worry about your problems or solve them now.


That decision is up to you. Worry and anxiety will not solve your problems.



Do the best things you can right now.

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James and Claudia talk about a real-life fight that they've recently had and walk you through how they dealt with it.


Being aware that you're angry is extremely important. 



Emotions go in cycles. You can discuss the disagreement at the "peak" of it or you can wait for this anger cycle to wane. You still may be just as mad, but you'll be more rational

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James turns the tables today and surprises Claudia by asking her a question.


Claudia, an expert in Ashtanga Yoga, has traveled the world studying the minimal essentials needed to practice yoga.


So today you're going to get an expert's explanation of the essentials to the correct practice of yoga.


Posture, stretching, and breathing are critical. She walks James through five easy posses. You can follow along.



I promise you, your body will say thank you.

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Many of you know that James believes in giving your best ideas away. If these are really great ideas, ones you've worked really hard on, this often helps both you and who you give the idea to.


But how do you present these?... 


You have to catch them in the first few sentences and offer up the value right away.


James tells the story of how this has worked for him. 



Sure, a few may get stolen, but ideas are currency. You give them out and often many more come back in return.

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Bad habits, we all have them and we all want to break them.


But how far are you willing to go...


James and Claudia's special Ask Altucher guest, Maneesh Sethi, CEO of PAVLOKand Editor in Chief of Hack The System, took it to the extreme. He hired an assistant to slap him every time he got off task.


If there wasone thingyou could do, every day for a year, who would you become?


Change is hard.


We're held back by distractions, other people, and often ourselves.


But change isn't impossible. Choose your daily action, and PAVLOK will hold you accountable, ensuring lasting success.


Self-induced changes seem to work much better than those forced upon you by others.


James immediately comes up with two ways he's going to use PAVLOK to help him break his bad habits.


What started out as just a joke has quickly turned into a potentially huge business.

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Trends, they’re not that hard predict.


People are living longer so our and as such our population is aging. That’s a trend to keep your eyes on.

Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens are putting clinics in their stores, No longer do you need to make an appointment to see your family doctor if you have a cold, sore throat

Education and chemistry are two more.

Take out your waiters pad and write down what you see happening around you.  These will probably be the new trends for The 21st Century

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Years ago, James wrote an article for CNBC and stated, “Apple will be the trillion- dollar market cap company”.


Everyone laughed…


But it looks like he’s going to be right.


And today he’ll give you his thoughts on the next trillion-dollar company.


The not yet public company, James believes this company will easily hit a trillion dollars in revenue because they solve a problem we all have; people who need something can connect with people who provide that something .


This company provides the logistics to make all this happen.


The company is…. Uber. They hook up those people who need something with those who can provide it.


Plus, Claudia thinks she knows the one right after that…


Listen here and see if you agree.


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Choosing yourself doesn't mean you're not going to be working any longer. As a matter of fact, Claudia mentions that since she's chosen herself, she's never worked harder in her life.


What it does mean is you don't have to go through the gatekeepers to get things done.


A boss can't fire you, a publisher can't reject you, and no one can stop you from creating wealth and abundance.


Many people still think there's stability in the 9 to 6 job, but they're being fooled. There's much less stability when you're relying on someone else.


Go ahead, give it a try, choose yourself, don't worry about what any one else is doing, and see what happens...

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James and Claudia are just back from interviewing Tony Robbins live at his home in Palm Beach, FL and Claudia wants to know the Top 3 Things James took away from the interview.


·         Lousy questions lead to lousy answers.


·         Be a servant to many.


·         The Tony Robbins Method.



James explains what these are, how important they really are, and why these rose to the top of his list.

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