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October 2014
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Relationships are tough and what can make them even worse is when the person you are pursuing does not share the same interest in you...

Something that we are all familiar with is the slippery slope that leads to the friend-zone... liking someone but never creating a romantic relationship with someone you care about.

Today, James and Claudia talk about how to approach a relationship and move it to the next level.

They also bring on a special guest... a dating guru to give her take on dating and how to determine what you really want out of a relationship and when it is right to take the next step.

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We have all been through weight fluctuations... but what can you do when you notice a loved one has gained a significant amount of weight?

What is the best way to approach the situation?

Today, James and Claudia talk about the appropriate ways to suggest healthier options to a family member or close friend that won't seem over bearing.

There is one specific example that James gives listeners that will help them lose weight without any exercise... results are strictly from a basic diet change only.

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Have you started your own daily practice? Have you followed James advice and started to exercise your idea muscle on a daily basis?

If you have then you probably have some ideas that you have thought about executing.

But how do you know when it is the right time to act on an idea?

Today James and Claudia talk about how to continue your idea list and the importance of combining good ideas together.

James mentions on the podcast that one of the best strategies is to continue the idea generation until you have become an idea machine...

If you are coming up with ideas every day, then you are giving your imagination exactly what it needs... Exercise and nourishment.

And if you think that you are ready to execute at least one of your current ideas then today is just what you have been waiting for...

On our second segment... James and Claudia challenge all listeners to try and execute one "good idea" this week and provide some basic but helpful tips on how to accomplish the task.

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Tired of seeing clutter around your house? Or maybe your closet is in need of a good “spring cleaning”?

Today, James and Aaron talk about how you can create passive income from simply selling a few items on Ebay.

It takes more than just posting a piece of clothing and making a quick sale if you are looking for some success.

Find out how simply writing a personal description of the item can make a world of a difference.

We’re all familiar with the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Learn how to make anything lying around your house into quick and easy income.

Plus, don’t miss out on our second segment…what is on James’ idea list today?

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Have you ever met someone that projected negative energy?

Maybe you have worked with or went to school with someone like this... or maybe you can relate this to your own energy.

It makes you wonder if a person's personality affects their success? Do certain traits qualify you for more opportunities?

Today, James and Aaron talk about which personality traits will guarantee failure no matter what...

Plus, find out how you can alter your attitude and improve your personality by simply using this daily practice.

If you are looking to move up in the corporate world, begin your entrepreneurial journey, or simply improve your relationships, then the first step is to choose yourself.

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Aaron and James are finally back in the studio together!

You'll hear all about Aaron's trip to Europe and a brand-new podcast that will be featured on Stansberry Radio Network... "The Choose Yourself Stories."

And... you have probably heard about James' daily practice and the importance he places on exercising your idea muscle, but are you familiar with his "idea matrix"?

Today, James reveals how the "idea matrix" will enable you to generate both good and bad ideas and ultimately enable you to choose yourself.

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With so many distractions in the world, how does James take full advantage of his daily practice?

Today, James and Claudia talk about how you can easily adapt to situational noise and distractions and continue on with your daily practice.

What might seem like a disturbance to one person might be a convenience to another.

Plus, don't miss out on the second segment... Which books have made the biggest impact on James...

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We all experience stress and difficulties in life.

But is there a way we can create a barrier between us and our ongoing stressors?

Today, James and Claudia discuss how to keep calm simply by listening to your body.

If you have ever felt nervous for a speech or an interview, then you will want to learn how to replace that negative feeling with a positive one.

It is possible to subdue your nervousness and it's simpler than you think.

Plus, don't miss out on our second segment "what is on James' idea list?"

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Many of you might not know that James used to work at HBO...

It was one of the jobs that he had always dreamed of and was most proud of. And even though it didn't work out, it gave him experiences and knowledge that James would not trade for anything.

Not only did he make some of his greatest networking connections, but he was given priceless professional guidelines.

Today, James shares the most important thing that he learned while working at HBO... and why it is so important.

"Always treat the talent with respect."

Find out how James was able to apply this to other areas in his life... and how it fits in to his daily practice.

Plus, don't miss out on our Second Segment where James and Claudia present a 10-day challenge to listeners...

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With all of the pressures and expectations that we experience through life, it's easy to feel depressed and anxious.

But are you suffering from clinical symptoms or situational symptoms?

Could you improve your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health before turning to medication?

Today, James and Claudia talk about how using the "daily practice" can completely boost your energy and improve your mood.

Remind yourself daily that health and happiness usually go together.

Plus, on our Second Segment, find out what is on James' reading list this week.

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