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Should you buy a home?

No... Almost never.

Time is always more valuable than money and you're going to spend a huge amount of your time repairing your home.

Things constantly break and they're expensive in both your time and your money to get fixed.

Listen today as James debunks the usual myths like: you'll miss out on the appreciation... you get a tax deduction... or you'll never establish "roots."

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How do you transform your life?

The answer is simple. Come up with 10 ideas a day. Every day. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad; the point is to exercise your idea muscle, to make it sweat.

Today James talks with Claudia about her brand new book,Become an Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are the Currency of the 21st Century.

People say ideas are cheap and execution is everything, but that is NOT true. Execution is a consequence, a subset of good, brilliant idea. And good ideas require daily work.

As Claudia explains, coming up with 10 ideas a day is very important.

Ideas may be easy if you are only coming up with one or two, but if you try to produce more than three, you will feel a burn, scratch your head, and you will be sweating and working hard. There is a turning point when you reach idea number six for the day, when you still have four to go, and your mind muscle is getting a workout. By the time you list those last ideas to make it to ten, you will see for yourself what "sweating the idea muscle" means.

When you practice every day your life will transform...

Life changes for the better when we become the source of positive, insightful, and helpful ideas.

Challenge yourself to try it for 180 days and see your life transform, in magical ways, in front of your very eyes.


When you exercise your idea muscle every day, you become an idea machine, you are unstoppable.

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Branden Hampton's a master of making money on social media and today James and Claudia ask him to help them understand it.

First off, James asks him what his top four social media sites are today.

Hands down, Instagram is number one today, followed by Snapchat, Twitter, and then in fourth place, everyone's "necessary evil" – Facebook.

They dig into what it takes to make a living off of social media.

For all Branden's best ideas, listen here. He's extremely open and willing to share his best secrets.

Follow Branden on Twitter - @CEO

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Can you really travel the world if you don’t have a bunch of money? 

The simple answer is yes…

Today James and Claudia call their new friend Matt Kepnes who just wrote the new book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day 

He shares with us many of the secrets he’s learned over his many years of travel. Such as a way you can stay with people with in countries around the world for free called couch surfing

Or a car sharing website that puts you in touch with people driving between cities and is looking for someone to share the cost of gas. 

For all these tricks and a bunch more just listen here. 

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James is a big fan of Apple products, but he says he's going to pay for an iPhone's older technology.

He's using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. He likes the larger screen and calls it the best phone out there.

Listen here and let us know what you think.

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"How do I make money if I just got thrown out of graduate school?"

Easy, you get a job...

Get your feet on the ground and get to work. You'll begin to get a feeling for what people really want and you should start thinking about how you can solve their needs.

James' philosophy about choosing yourself fits perfectly here.

While you're working for someone else, start a part-time business, write a blog, help a friend.

Stay active...

You don't need a graduate degree to be successful. You just need to work hard and work smart.

Listen here to find out how.

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James and Claudia call Vani Hani, author of The Food Babe, to talk about her inspiration for living a healthy life and to investigate what is really in our food, how it's grown, and what chemicals are used in its production.

Do you know what's really in the food you eat… and do you care?

James talks with Vani about what the best fish to eat right now are, what's up with the paleo diet, and the "not milks."

She tells James and Claudia she's not a fan...

She says the FDA is completely asleep at the wheel and you have to take control of what you eat, yourself.

They cover GMOs… always a hot-button subject. And they talk about if we'll be able to feed a world population that's growing fast.

Vani is passionate about this subject and she scares the hell out of James and Claudia.


Listen here to find out why.

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“I lost my job and I’ve piled up a huge amount of credit card debt. I just got a new job but I’m only making $11/hr.  What should I do?”

James says – Stop making any payments on your credit cards. You can’t afford to pay.

I know this goes against what everyone else is telling you but James explains today why this individual shouldn’t pay.

He can’t…

Get prepared for the calls and the harassment but don’t worry.

Listen here today as James explains why.

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You don't have to go to college to find your passion.

College doesn't make you smarter. You make yourself smarter by studying what you're passionate about.

Find a mentor and model yourself after them.


You have to find your passion and college is definitely not the place to find it.

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Today's question is a great one. "Should I take a promotion if it means I'll have to work longer hours and sacrifice my Choose Yourself projects?"

James suggests you take a good look at what this promotion really means...

It means a lot more work for the privilege of being able to buy another dinner out per week, or another pair of shoes or a nicer car.

The incremental money will not bring you happiness.

So, say yes but spend every free minute you can scrape together to invest in yourself.


Put together a plan to control your own destiny and plan you life and never forget to always Choose Yourself.

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