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October 2014
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Today's question is one you might be familiar with. A listener asks James for advice on how he can quit texting his ex-girlfriend.


James believes the first step is to focus on the "Daily Practice." By taking care of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical self, you'll be able to calm the uncontrollable desire to stop a bad behavior.


Claudia also has a specific suggestion for this listener. It's one you might use if you find yourself in the same position as this listener.


You'll also hear James' three-step plan on how to break bad habits.

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Today's question comes from a text that was sent to James' cell phone, 203-512-2161. And it's one that James identifies with well.


A listener asks for advice on how to make new friends as an introvert.


James believes the first step is to break self-defining labels. He then presents a challenging exercise for anyone that's up for meeting strangers.



He also tells listeners a great place anyone can go to meet new people. 

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Every week for an hour on Twitter, James hosts a Q&A where he answers any and all questions from his followers.


One of the most frequent questions James receives is, "How do I generate website traffic?"


Although James has mastered the art and science of generating traffic for his blog, he decides to answer this question by taking it one step further. On this episode of Ask Altucher, James invites a special guest who has "written the book" on how to create habit-forming products.



Tune in and you'll learn the true key to generating website traffic.

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Maybe you've been recently laid off or finally decided to quit your job to choose yourself…  and now you need some cash quick.


Today, Claudia ask James, "You've just been fired from your job and you need $1,000 a week. Go."


Right off the top of his head, you can hear James create a business.



He and Claudia role play and she's tough on him, but he's on top of his game and fires back with great answers.

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Something that we need to keep in mind is that Ebola is a RARE and DEADLY disease.


But with the recent hype in the media and news stories about the few cases that have been diagnosed it’s hard to not get caught up in the panic.


Today, James and Claudia talk about the REAL concerns that we should be thinking about when it comes to Ebola.


If it turns out that you have a better chance at winning the lottery than getting Ebola then why are so many people worried about this virus?


Is there an agenda that we are not paying attention to? Maybe we should be more concerned with who is making money from Ebola news…

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Whether in school, in public, or in the online community, we have all experienced bullies and negative attention.

It's no secret that not everyone is going to agree with everything that you have to say...

People are always going to have their opinions, and they do not always express them in the most pleasant way.

Today, James and Claudia talk about how to deal with negative energy... and the best practices to avoid unwanted and unnecessary stress.

You'll find out what the "24-Hour" rule is and how you can put it to use in your own life...

Plus, don't miss out on a special segment with Mike Godwin, author of Cyber Rights: Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age... find out what Mike has to say about hate in the online community.

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We all have our own preferences for qualities that we look for in a partner. There are certain things that attract us and make us want to be closer to a person.

Today, James and Claudia talk about their own dating history and the courtship that they encountered together.

Claudia even shares what was on her "dating list" and what she would not settle for...

Find out what worked for them and what they decided was not necessary.

They did something right because they found success after just six months of dating each other... Their story might just trigger your own path to happiness.

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Relationships are tough and what can make them even worse is when the person you are pursuing does not share the same interest in you...

Something that we are all familiar with is the slippery slope that leads to the friend-zone... liking someone but never creating a romantic relationship with someone you care about.

Today, James and Claudia talk about how to approach a relationship and move it to the next level.

They also bring on a special guest... a dating guru to give her take on dating and how to determine what you really want out of a relationship and when it is right to take the next step.

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We have all been through weight fluctuations... but what can you do when you notice a loved one has gained a significant amount of weight?

What is the best way to approach the situation?

Today, James and Claudia talk about the appropriate ways to suggest healthier options to a family member or close friend that won't seem over bearing.

There is one specific example that James gives listeners that will help them lose weight without any exercise... results are strictly from a basic diet change only.

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Have you started your own daily practice? Have you followed James advice and started to exercise your idea muscle on a daily basis?

If you have then you probably have some ideas that you have thought about executing.

But how do you know when it is the right time to act on an idea?

Today James and Claudia talk about how to continue your idea list and the importance of combining good ideas together.

James mentions on the podcast that one of the best strategies is to continue the idea generation until you have become an idea machine...

If you are coming up with ideas every day, then you are giving your imagination exactly what it needs... Exercise and nourishment.

And if you think that you are ready to execute at least one of your current ideas then today is just what you have been waiting for...

On our second segment... James and Claudia challenge all listeners to try and execute one "good idea" this week and provide some basic but helpful tips on how to accomplish the task.

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